French actress Juliette Binoche said to understand the protest movement of the “yellow vests” in his country and criticized the environmental policy of Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with the German weekly Der Spiegel. “I understand the people who are demonstrating, even if I was shocked by the violent clashes. But the great part of them would revolt because they can no longer live of their salary,” says the president of the jury of the international film festival opening on Thursday in Berlin.

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“I know what it meant to have financial difficulties, I myself lived at the beginning of my career”, she says in this interview published in German. In addition to its own experience, the actress got an oscar in 1997 for his role in The English Patient quoted one of her great-grandmother, a seamstress and cook, but also to his parents, who had to “live little”.

Juliette Binoche is critical of the decision of the French government, the origin of the protest movement to increase the price of fuel. “The State may not increase from one day to the next the taxes on gasoline and diesel,” even if “it is justified to basically do away with the diesel’, ja-t-it. “For some of the “yellow vests”, it really plays to 10 euros in the end of the month” to live.

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The head of the State, “Emmanuel Macron certainly has its qualities but its environmental policy is not adapted to the current situation,” says the actress. “It is the mission of the government to accompany and anticipate such measures, to provide financial aid and transition solutions. But it has not taken place”, considers she. Born on the social networks in reaction to tax increases on fuel in November, the movement of the “yellow vests” turned into the sling’s social and fiscal, marked by twelve Saturdays of events.