How to find the perfect jungle camp candidate? In the selection of RTL can draw on the rich Reservoir of his own Reality-TV formats. Take a candidate or a candidate is polarized at the “Bachelorette” or “Bachelor’s” and stick to those, or the one in the Australian Bush. In the past seasons of the “Bachelorette”winner David Friedrich and “Bachelor”contestant Kattia Vides. The a made it to the semi-finals, the other reached a respectable sixth place.

Also, for the jungle camp 2019 RTL has apparently found a candidate that you know from a dome show. According to a report in the Bild newspaper, Domenico de Cicco to draw in the Australian Bush.

a candidate in the jungle camp, 2019: Domenico de Cicco was with “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise”

He could put his talents for Reality-TV, both in the “Bachelorette” as well as a few months ago, in “Bachelor in Paradise”. In the case of the “Bachelorette”, he managed it all the way to the semi-finals, in the case of “Bachelor in Paradise” he was able to conquer even a woman’s heart: The Evelyn Burdecki. The two of them withdrew in the final, as a Couple, away.

Just a few weeks after the Finale, announced Evelyn on RTL in tears, the separation. Friendly way found Domenico on the television from the relationship. The reason for Evelyn’s violent reaction: Domenico had concealed the fact that he expected to be with another woman for a child. Evelyn accused him of to have with the child’s mother cheated. They had the following phone message: “Hey Evelyn, maybe You should learn that Domenico has a pregnant girlfriend in Frankfurt. Important!!!“ From whom the message came from remains unknown. Anyway, Evelyn burst after receiving the collar: “I would have expected. But not that he has a girlfriend, who is seven months pregnant.“ You’ve met with the mother of his child. These have opened Evelyn that she and Domenico were still together.

Had gone to Domenico, really foreign? He instructed the of – of course, in an Exclusive Interview with RTL. “I’m not riding a two-pronged approach. I’m gonna be a father, that’s true. I am standing by that position.“ However, he had concealed Evelyn paternity, for safety’s sake. Their love was after the “Bachelor in Paradise” is still very fresh. “I didn’t want to make the Whole broken and the mother keep my child from the Public out of it.” Cheated he didn’t Evelyn. But for his child he would still be there and the mother is so good it support. However, Now he is probably the Single into the jungle camp in 2019. Probably, anyway. We don’t know the Domenico Yes.

In any case, he will meet in the Bush, his Ex Evelyn Burdecki. According to the magazine, Closer, Evelyn should be a candidate imm jungle camp in 2019.

Sure is: at the beginning of October, Domenico became the father of a child. He announced via Instagram. Since then, he has posted several pictures of his daughter, which apparently is the name of Lia bz. Noelia. The face of the child he makes with hearts and Emojis unrecognizable. The mother of the child, you don’t see in the pictures.

look at to TELL you this post on Instagram

Good Morning ❤ in a while A CHILD CAN FILL THE WHOLE HEART, and WITHOUT A SINGLE WORD TO . . . . #love #happy baby love #lia-noelia free to play game.

shared A post by Domenico De Cicco (@domenico_decicco_official) on Oct 4, 2018 at 4:10 PM PDT

What you need to know to Domenico de Cicco? Before his appearance at the “Bachelorette”, he worked as a clerk for logistics management. Means: It ensures that in the case of defective flight tools be delivered immediately on the spot. Whether he deserves to be in the profession still his money, or whether he can, in the meantime, the life of his in the RTL formats developed celebrity Status is unclear. In addition, was read in his “Bachelorette”-portrait: “In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and modeling for friends. Up in front of two cross-band, he was carried away also an active football player.“ Originally Doemnico comes from the Hessian town of Gelnhausen (Link to*).

What’s in the jungle camp in 2019 for Domenico de Cicco?

a Lot of things. The “Bachelorette” candidate Aurelio Savina and David Friedrich arrived in the jungle camp, the fifth and the fourth place. Domenico de Cicco has already been shown at the “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise” that he can in Reality TV formats points. He has, of course, with its somewhat opaque love a couple of interesting stories of life on the pan, he can tell at the camp fire.


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