It’s not behind the microphone, Booba inspires. The behavior of the rapper on social networks, where he seeks the confrontation constantly gives ideas to Justin Bieber! The canadian singer has approached Tom Cruise in a message posted on Twitter Monday morning, challenging the player in a clash of free-fight .

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“I challenge Tom Cruise in a fight in an octagon,” wrote the singer on the social network. “Tom, if you do not agree to this clash, it is because you are afraid and it is the shame. That is starting to organize the fight?”, added the interpreter of Baby, challenging Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The former champion of MMA Conor McGregor has quickly responded to this challenge with unknown motivations. “If Tom Cruise has the courage to accept this challenge, McGregor Sports and Entertainment will host the event, he posted on the social network. Cruise does he have the guts to fight like he does in his movies?” The actor from Mission Impossible has still not responded to the challenge.

In a second tweet, Conor McGregor, has itself challenged the actor Mark Walhberg to a confrontation of the same type. “At the time when he was Marky Mark, I’d put the meal”, he wrote.

last December, Booba had challenged his rival Kaaris, in a bout of mixed martial arts in order to settle their disputes after a brawl at the airport of Roissy. After several months of provocations, the rappers have announced last April on the social networks that the combat of mixed martial arts will take place in December 2019, in Geneva.