LE FIGARO. – A lot of composers of music for films like to direct their scores in concert… but rarely in a cine-concert. Why did you agree to do in Paris?

Justin HURWITZ. – I had already done in Los Angeles and in a few cities which to me have a symbolic very strong. Which is the case for Paris, as it is a town that has very much fueled my imagination, and to which we pay homage in The Land . Conduct his own music in a cine-concert is a unique experience.

beyond the energy that brings the live, it is a way for the audience to experience the film from the inside. And for me to relive all of its manufacturing processes. In front of the orchestra, I remember where I wrote such-and-such a melody, remember our discussions with Damien, on the fact of having to add more brass to such a place for example… It has a very unreal.

“The soul of jazz, it is the freedom, the improvisation. I have left several passages that are opened in the partition, to allow jazz musicians who join the orchestra to improvise”

Justin Hurwitz

did you Think that The Land would one day its declination in ciné-concerts?

No. Even less also …

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