It is little to say that fans of Kaamelott rejoiced on Tuesday. Alexandre Astier, the creator and main actor of the saga is humorous, has posted a message on Twitter, announcing the beginning of the shooting of the film Kaamelott taken from the tv series, after an absence of ten years. This will be more than an adaptation, since the film will resume the narrative thread left hanging at the end of the sixth season in 2009. The film, lasting approximately two hours, will be the first part of a trilogy. Its release in theaters is scheduled for 2020.

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Alexandre Astier, who produced the film in addition to camp king Arthur, accompanied her message of a photograph. We see a landscape of dunes, covered with a sky at dawn. Seasons 5 and 6, the last two, told of the adventures prior to the beginning of the series: king Arthur, the more weakened than ever, hidden in Rome, was about to resume with her royal destiny in the face of Lancelot, his enemy.

The actor and director is thinking big. The hashtag #Alexa65 at the end of its publication indicates that it will most likely be using the device of the same name, a camera 65 mm used on the filming of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom , Bohemian Rhapsody , fantastic beasts or Welcome to Marwen .

“The end of the saga, in my mind has always been a trilogy of films”, said Alexandre Astier in 2015. Announced for several years, the full-length film project was slow to materialize. It was initially planned to be shot in 2017. Yet recently, on January 2, Alexandre Astier confessed the difficulties he had in finding financing.

On Twitter, the announcement generated several thousand tweets enthusiasts. After a decade of absence, some did not believe more. For the occasion, a fan has unveiled his tattoo in the shape of a “K” for Kaamelott . Everywhere on the social networks, references to the series multiply.

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