Booba had issued a challenge to Kaaris at the end of December: a match of MMA between the two men to settle their dispute that lasts for months. And its competitor has officially run the gauntlet. In an interview in the Paris, on Wednesday, the rapper from Sevran now explains that he is ready to “go to the end”. “I’m going to offer him a real contract, with 1 million euros to the key. It is in the process of doing so, he will receive it. As there will be a ring, with the tv, so much to take in. Me, I’m ready”, he says.

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The two men, and several of their cronies were convicted last summer after the fight that they had organized in full-Orly airport. They were prosecuted for violence, aggravated and had been sentenced to an 18-month suspended prison sentences each. Kaaris today wants to “put things in context, because this is a very bad picture that one shows”. “What happened at the airport of Orly is very serious, I regret it all, but I had to defend myself,” he says. [Booba] has missed his shot at Orly and it hurt. Then, he launched this story of struggle. He had told the court that he wanted to “bury the hatchet” and lo and behold he proposed the war. Yes, a fight, it is war. Where is the logic in that?”

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If Booba does not seem to decide to “bury the hatchet”, Kaaris does not intend to his side to calm the game. “We are talking about rap, there, exclaimed he. When I have a problem, I face. But this is Booba who has a problem with me. His goal for the past six years is to kill my career. He does not want that I stroke, because according to him I do not deserve it. It is a spoiled child, who decides who should rap or not. It’s a kid of rich who has never said no and who farts a cable when told no, like me.”

After you have refused the first proposal from Booba to € 300,000, Kaaris had assured on Sunday that his lawyer had drawn up a new contract, one million euros for the organization of the meeting. “This fight, I’m going to do it. And we’re going to do. You have understood or not?”, had declared the rapper. After watching this message, the Duke of Boulogne had then reacted to press its rival to return this new contract “I’ll leave you my million guaranteed, it makes 2 million my little Dozo”. “However, I require a Greek without the fries sauce samurai”, he added.

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Brothers enemies of the French rap after having been close, Booba and Kaaris were sentenced in early October to an 18-month suspended prison sentence for their big brawl at the airport in paris Orly in August. They had performed in the wake of three weeks of detention. A hearing is scheduled for 17 January to determine damages, the brawl had resulted in damage estimated at 50,000 euros. Since the ‘battle of Orly’, the two fathers of the family of origin francilienne have continued to launch spikes, in the tradition of the clash of rap, and have agreed to face off with his bare hands to settle their dispute.