Kadyrov after new sanctions, invited Pompeo to Chechnya and photographed with machine guns

the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov after another of sanction restrictions from the United States suggested that American Secretary of state Michael Pompeo to visit the Chechen Republic to talk and find out who really violates human rights.

in addition, in his Telegram of the channel, he published an appeal to the “gosdepovtsev”.

“I am the elected head of the Chechen Republic, who voted almost 100 percent of the population. Today the residents of the region support me, you can see firsthand, just arrived in the Republic, and not taking decisions because of the ocean”, — the statement says.

Next Kadyrov expressed outrage at the sanctions against his wife and daughters. “What they had committed crimes and whose rights are violated?” — said the head of the Chechen Republic. In his view, it “demonstrates the true false face of global mischief-makers and provocateurs.”

“You dare to openly despicable methods and to create a rift within my family. Maybe you thought you will do it, but miscalculated. Chechen Institute of family stronger your sanctions! And even if the copper of Museveni or my daughters would have any interests in US or Europe, they would have thrown them. Not for your dirty political games, not at my request, and for the state, nation and family,” writes Kadyrov.

He added that he had only 14 children, and asked the Americans to include in the sanctions list of the and their. “And for me the word says my people!” — said the head of Chechnya.

Kadyrov also published a photo with machine guns.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on these photos, said that the Russians have the right to lawfully keep and bear firearms.

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