Kadyrov called

the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov condemned the civil servants who are not signed on the accounts of the TV channel “Grozny” in all social networks.

“I do not know if the man has a page in Instagram, it can not subscribe to channel private broadcasting channel “Grozny”. All the information is there. A civil servant, an employee, who is not interested in the situation in his homeland — what decisions are made, improvements and changes occur, what performances are — he’s not an employee. If he can’t, he cannot be called an employee and especially a friend on our way. If he is on social media and is not subscribed to channel “Grozny” in YouTube, Vkontakte, other social networks, it is dangerous for us people,” — said, as reported by the human rights center “memorial”, Kadyrov speaking Hoi village of the Vedeno district.

Recall that recently in the TV programs GTRK “Grozny” an elderly resident of Chechnya, has publicly repented for turning to the services of the witch. The assessment of her actions gave the Islamic expert, but as proof that the magic hurt of the daughter of the pensioner, he sang the Sunnah from the Qur’an, and installation of roller channel has testified that while stationed in the hall of the woman’s daughter was sick.

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