Kadyrov said that defeated international terrorism and deserves the peace prize

the Head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov called unjust accusation of US is, that human rights are violated.

the TV channel “Russia 1” Kadyrov joked about the fact that Chechens “killed international terrorism,” for which he personally deserves the Nobel peace prize.

So the politician commented on the introduction of his family members in the sanctions list of the United States, noting that Washington’s decision only served to unite the inhabitants of the Republic.

“on the Contrary, we are fighting, dying, defending human rights. Stopped a war, destroyed by international terrorism. I thought I was going to get the Nobel prize for what I have overcome international terrorism, and they, on the contrary, I was under the sanctions. Unfair,” — said Kadyrov.

Recall that under the sanctions were not only the head of Chechnya, but his wife and daughter.

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