Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov came under the sanction of USA with his wife and older daughters, left “the Republican sanctions” on the head of the U.S. Department of state Michael Pompeo. About it informs “Kommersant”.

Specifies that it is all sorts of sanctions “until the freezing of all accounts” Pompeo.

Kadyrov has previously invited the head of US diplomacy in Chechnya, but now said that it is no longer relevant: “All, cancel the invitation and announce his inclusion in the all sanctions.” According to Kadyrov, to understand why Washington is included in the “black list” his wife and children, who “do not climb in any policy,” it is impossible.

the Head of Chechnya accused the Secretary of state that he “ordered” the murder of the African-American George Floyd in the hope that President Donald trump lost the presidential election in 2020. Live chgtrk “Grozny,” Kadyrov stated that these data were obtained from the security services of Ukraine.

Floyd died as a result of the arrest of white police officers. His death led to massive protests against racism under the slogan “Black Lives Matter!” (BLM, “the Life of blacks (in the US) have a value!”).

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