Kamchatka alcoholic parents starved two babies, one of the kids fell into a coma

In the city of Vilyuchinsk in one of the apartments found two babies in a depleted condition. As reports a press-service of Prosecutor’s office of Kamchatka territory, the twins (boy and girl) for three months. As noted in Prosecutor’s office, the parents was a chronic alcoholic and did not care about the children. About the incident to law enforcement authorities said the relative. Police arrived on the scene seized toddlers, the children were taken to the city hospital. According to the regional SU RF IC, the children were not fed for four days. It clarifies the Agency “Kamchatka-inform”, the boy is in intensive care in a coma. The investigating authorities have opened a criminal case against the couple under articles 156 of the criminal code (failure to perform duties for the upbringing of minors) and article 125 of the criminal code (leaving in danger).

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