Kamchatka fisherman's mutilated bear — barely alive man was taken to the hospital

Kamchatka fisherman was attacked by a bear. The incident occurred on the river Avacha in Yelizovo, said the press service of the Agency for forestry and fauna protection of the Kamchatka territory.

1.5 km from café “13-JJ Kordon,” a bear attacked a fisherman, caused his wounds to the back, lower limbs and hands. The man helped his colleagues — they literally snatched him from the clutches of a predator, and delivered in the Elizovsky district hospital.

Now for his life doctors fight.

Bear looking for experts, they plan to kill the animal.

Recall that at the end of last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law about responsible treatment of animals. The law provides for measures to protect animals from abuse and to ensure the safety and legitimate interests of citizens when interacting with animals. In particular, the law forbade the shooting of animals, fighting animals, killing and getting rid of them without transfer to a new owner or a shelter.

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