Kantor: Iran openly interferes with the lawful operations of the IAEA

“the Crisis of the nuclear deal with Iran is threatening the wholesale nuclearization, not only in the middle East, but all over the world,” — says the President of the International Luxembourg forum on preventing nuclear catastrophe Viatcheslav Kantor. He stated at the conference “New Iran crisis: an end to the escalation”.

Recall the precarious position of the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) on Iran, the so-called “nuclear deal”, was again the center of attention of experts after the July statement of US special envoy on Iran by Brian hook about the fact that the United States is considering using military force against Iran in case the country’s nuclear weapons.

“the Real termination of the AGREEMENT actually returns the situation of acute crisis around the Iranian nuclear program to a state in which Iran can develop nuclear weapons in the shortest possible time (maximum one year),” says Kantor.

He explained that Iran has already announced a partial cessation of the performance of their obligations and restrictions AGREEMENT in response to the exit of the US and the resumption by the us of sanctions pressure. In the framework AGREEMENT was supposed to be another plan of action: in exchange for refusal of Iran’s production of highly enriched uranium and cease all efforts to acquire or develop nuclear weapons, as well as a number of infrastructure constraints in this area, and the control of the IAEA, sanctions against the country were gradually lifted.

“Iran is currently in violation of one after the other restrictions and prohibitions taken under the AGREEMENT, openly obstructing the lawful operations of the IAEA,” said Kantor.

According to experts, Iran is not only back to enriching uranium, but continues to test missiles with extended range. Moreover, experts believe that the country has enough complexes such weapons for the destruction of Israel and any country in Europe. All this threatens to turn into the most OPAthe waistband of the regional crisis. Further escalation of this crisis can lead to a military and even nuclear, conflict between Israel and Iran, and in the future — to an even greater war, which will involve other States.

the conference Participants urged world leaders and international organisations to take all necessary efforts to reduce tensions in the region, as well as to prevent the creation of nuclear weapons by Iran.

Online conference “New Iran crisis: an end to the escalation” was organized by the International Luxembourg forum on preventing nuclear catastrophe. It was attended by Stanford University Professor, former U.S. Secretary of defense William Perry, President of the Pugwash movement of scientists Sergio Duarte, Director of the Center for the study of nonproliferation named George.Martin, Professor at the Monterey Institute of international studies William Potter, chief researcher, Center for international security IMEMO Vladimir Dvorkin, and other leading experts in the field of nuclear safety, reduction and arms control, as well as specialists on the Middle East.