Karelian historian Yuri Dmitriev, who preserved the memory of repression, has received real term for

the Court of Petrozavodsk has sentenced the researcher of Stalin’s repressions, the head of the Karelian branch of the “memorial” Yuri Dmitriev. Under article “Violent actions of sexual character concerning minors” he was 3 and a half years of imprisonment. As the “Petrozavodsk said,” the verdict said the defendant’s lawyer Viktor Anufriev.

Dmitriev was acquitted on articles about making pornography, indecent assault and possession of a firearm. If the sentence is repealed, the subject spent in prison, Dmitriev will be released in November this year.

Before the sentence comes into legal force Dmitriev will remain in custody.

Historian in December 2016, was arrested on charges of manufacturing child pornography. The grounds were some pictures of his adopted daughter, was found on a personal computer Dmitriev. He explained that on the advice of the doctor doing the photographs of the condition of the daughter with regard to her health problems. Also during the search he found a rusty shotgun old shotguns.

In April, the court acquitted him on articles about pedophilia, recognizing Dmitrieva guilty of illegal weapons possession, but two years ago the Supreme court overturned the acquittal. Was opened a new criminal case on the violent acts of a sexual nature. The prosecution requested Dmitriev 15 years of imprisonment.

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