“Many of our compatriots may have been shocked by what they saw in our prisons. of the State in a preamble to the Council of Ministers back to school at the Elysée.

“The sentence has a meaning in society, it is not worth excluding everything, it is then intended to allow reintegration”, continued the President of the Republic, calling for “not to feed the disorder” in a global context. already difficult.

“There are intangibles, invariants that must be defended and I congratulate the ministers who also spoke to recall the importance of a just order, we cannot do everything”, insisted the head of the State.

The Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, announced on Tuesday evening on Twitter the publication of a circular to set “the conditions necessary for carrying out reintegration projects in prison”, now “subject to express validation by the management. prison administration”.

Mr. Dupond-Moretti was speaking after the publication of an administrative investigation report on the organization – highly contested on social networks since Friday – of fun activities called “Kohlanness”, organized at the end of July in a courtyard of the penitentiary establishment of Fresnes (Val-de-Marne).

“If I had known that a karting competition was organized, I would have put a very clear veto (…) I was never informed” of this, also declared the Minister of Justice to the press Tuesday afternoon.

Three teams – of prisoners, guards and residents of the city – had faced each other in events, karting, mime or even tug of war over a swimming pool.

A video of the event broadcast in particular on YouTube on Friday, and since withdrawn, had swelled a very strong controversy, coming in particular from the far right and the right.