Kazakhstan prepared for the strict quarantine due to the second wave of the pandemic

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has said that governors and mayors in Kazakhstan are unable to contain the pandemic coronavirus and the coming second wave. Officials reprimanded, and the country soon waiting for the resumption of a rigid quarantine, as expressed by the head of state, “similar to those which operated in March — may”.

“Since the lifting of restrictions on 11 may, the number of cases of coronavirus infection has increased seven-fold. This is largely due to shortcomings in the work of the state authorities”, — quotes the President his press-service.

Tokayev has also ordered to increase the number davidnyc beds by 50% by the end of July and a week to solve the issue of drugs.

last week, the Kazakh authorities urged residents to stay home and work remotely; also closed new city. In the country ill with the coronavirus more than 37.6 thousand people, more than 180 died.

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