Kazakhstan went into isolation for coronavirus Minister

After the detection of a coronavirus from the head of the Ministry of health of Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Askar Mamin decided to switch to freelance work.

the head of the press service of the Cabinet of sarin theoretical and practical issues] said that the Prime Minister is regularly checked for coronavirus, and while the tests give a negative result.

the last time mom was in contact with the Minister of health Eliana Birtanem recently, on June 12, they visited Zhambyl oblast. During the visit, the Minister was in respiratory mask.

“the Prime Minister Askar Mamin is currently in isolation, but continues to work according to the schedule in mode of videoconference”, — wrote in Facebook theoretical and practical issues].

Earlier Birtanov reported that hospitalized to the infectious diseases hospital with confirmed coronavirus. He couldn’t shake the asymptomatic form of the disease, however, is in satisfactory condition.

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