The filmmaker, and a man of Polish theatre Kazimiers Kutz, major personality of the Polish cinema, died Tuesday at the age of 89 years, announced his family. Very rooted in the life and history eventful of his native region of Upper Silesia, a country of miners, he became known mainly thanks to his triptych silesian 1970s. the Salt of the earth black (1970), The Pearl of the crown (1972) and The Grain of the rosary (1979) trace the life of the miners of the region over several decades. These films have received a european recognition being the award-winning at festivals including cinema of Milan, Grenoble and Antwerp. He also often collaborated with his countryman Andrzej Wajda, for example, directing the second team for the filming of his film Kanal, on the Warsaw uprising.

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On Twitter, Donald Tusk, paid tribute to him

“Kazimierz Kutz’s party: great Silesian and Polish, creator, wonderful, friend cordial on which we could always count on. The salt of the black earth”, wrote on his Twitter account Donald Tusk, the president of the european Council.

Close to the democratic opposition in the communist era, the director has gradually abandoned the cinema to engage in the political life after the fall of the regime. He was elected senator centrist three times in a row in the upper house of the Polish parliament, between 1997 and 2007.