KCR local residents came to the rally with the requirement to give them medicine and treatment

Residents malokarachaevskiy district today came out with posters to the building of CRH in the village of uchkeken. As reports the edition “Rise”, they demanded to provide them with medicines and treatment, and to deploy a military field hospital. Representatives of the district administration told reporters that he had invited all the participants to the meeting of the regional oberstab “for constructive dialogue and an open productive conversation.” The protesters claim that can’t pass tests for coronavirus and to physician specialists is not enough, and on weekends nobody takes. According to them, “the patients no hope of getting help because they have no money for bribes”. Now in the region deployed to five hospitals for patients COVID-19. The situation in the Republic is estimated as a complex, but controlled. According to the Plenipotentiary representation of the President of the Russian Federation in skfo, the pandemic in the region has reached its peak. According to information on the morning of 8 June, the country recorded 1654 cases of infection with coronavirus. Of these, 453 people were cured, nine of them died. Hospitalized 588 people.

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