The last time they had seen Kean at the theatre, it was with Jean-Paul Belmondo and it was already not very well ; but at least our Bébel national was the character. He had the charisma, the power, the charm, the devastating failure to be, let’s say, a true theatre actor. Alexis Desseaux, to him, is a true theatre actor, a very good actor, but without him to insult, it is not made for such a role. And it is strange on the part of Alain Sachs to be chosen. It is as if he killed his show in before you begin.

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As for the rest, there’s a lot to say. On the room first, not very good without a doubt. But is this the work of Alexander Dumas, that is the problem or the adaptation that has made Jean-Paul Sartre? It is necessary to know the original to judge. In nature, it does not happen much, the characters are not searched, the story flows between flatness and incredibility, the dialogues sound “theatre”. In short, it’s hard to believe in this great English actor, worshipped by all, capricious and seductive, which, for a woman, would at the theatre.

The costumes are signed Pascal Bordet. Photo Batch A little dream of old theater

As to the staging of Alain Sachs, it wants to be light and playful but she hesitated between a sense of realism and an excess of caricature. Of course, this is not really missed, in the sense that the public may find pleasure in it (they always forget that he paid for his place and that he wants her for her money, even seriously blind), but it is a old theatre, and, most importantly, it does not take off. We already talked about Alexis Desseaux who wets his shirt, believes in it, does the job with goodwill and sympathy, but who runs after the character. Its partners are faring much better. Jacques Fontanel done with talent of Jacques Fontanel, Sophie Bouilloux surjoue the girls, the others are correct. Only, may-be, Justine Thibaudat is its charm and its lack of distance.

Dumas wrote plays in novelist it brilliantly but, at least, it is in excess. The adaptation of Sartre’s is too flat to take us away. It would have at least had to be a beast, way Depardieu when he was in full form, to play this Kean , a good actor is not enough. As much as Alexis Desseaux is not directed to what he exudes on stage, but for a dream director. Not a nightmare, certainly, but a little dream of old theatre that won’t hurt (or good) to anyone…

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