Look eccentric, hair cut, punk, dance, energy… Keith Flint, of the electro band The Prodigy, was a figure of the underground scene of the 1990s to the present day. The singer and dancer british 49-year-old was found dead Monday at his home, by the police of Essex at Dunmow. “This death is not considered suspicious,” she said, quoted by the local media. “It is with great shock and deep sadness that we confirm the passing of our brother and best friend Keith Flint. He will be missed always, announced the group in a press release, adding that it was “a true pioneer, an innovator, a legend.” On Instagram, the group has confirmed the suicide of the singer.

The disappearance of Keith Flint occurs while The Prodigy has embarked on an international tour to promote her seventh album, No Tourists , with stops in Colombia and in Austria at the beginning of April, several dates in the United States in the month of may and in France during the summer. Present in 2009 at the festival des Eurockéennes, The Prodigy had to sign his big comeback after ten years at the festival of Belfort.

charismatic Character to look evil, with spiked hair, piercings and tattoos that were frightening to children, Keith Flint had hit the minds with his interpretation of the title Firestarter , ranked number one in 1996. Mixing elements of punk and of music dance, he had contributed to making of The Prodigy one of the most influential bands of the rave scene underground, after the release of the album The Fat Of The Land , in 1997, which contains, inter alia, the hit controversial Smack My Bitch Up . “There was a real desire not to make any compromise, said Flint to the AFP by 2015. We really needed an antidote to the DJ scene, where a certain brutality”. The album is double platinum in the U.s.

The announcement of his death caused a wave of reactions attristées in artistic circles. “So sad to hear the news about Keith Flint. He was always very funny, and very sympathetic with Tom (Rowlands) and myself when we started doing shows together,” tweeted Ed Simons, the duo’s electro uk The Chemical Brothers. “We have lost a titan,” said the soul singer Beverley Knight.