At first glance, this is not much, An Irish Story . We discovered the show there are a little over a year ago, the meager camped on a small stage at the Avignon off. As the wet clothes, a few pictures hung on the cables draw a mural of time. It will be question of a family, its past, its shadows and its legends. Barefoot, mane of red hair, eyes flash, Kelly River dresses up easily with the rest of the plateau. It has the size of a jockey and the gait of a dancer. She delivers her story like a athlete chameleon, embracing a thousand hues, a thousand inflections, a thousand bends a story that embraces the path of his entire family: Irish immigrants in France after a stopover in London.

Tale trilingual

The film starts in the years 30. His grand-father, the intriguing Peter O Farrell, has mysteriously disappeared, leaving wife and children. She has never known but is in fact a character from a fairy tale. To impress his first love, the girl O ‘ Farrell said that he was an explorer, a tramp, a leader of the IRA… Kelly grows and fills with the theatre of his dreams for the child. Then, once the lost illusions, one foot pushed all the way into adulthood, she decided to go in search of his grandfather. Starts a game of track generational fast-paced, that we bringuebale blows of bonds elliptical between the avenues, haussmann, the quiet dining rooms in london, the pubs, the noisy of the south of Ireland, in the twists and turns of a family as well as others, that is to say, complicated. Still, the joy that infuses surely among the actress, wins easily on the painful episodes.

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This tale trilingual (that one is reassured, all is perfectly intelligible) is a model of writing. We laugh a lot, we are seized by a history that is not so extraordinary but flies constantly, driven by a force novels amazing. Even better, Kelly River impresses with its ease of chew of the characters (more than twenty) – and their accents: posh, English, irish. At first glance, this was not much, An Irish Story . A show of modest subjected to the new requirements of the private theatre. A single stage low-cost, short and effective, just detached from the real. Of course. But a show of great quality, which draws its wealth and depth of his humility. Logically spotted after Avignon, An Irish Story has had great success paris last year and, something little common, resumes this September. Let us rejoice and let us run-y.

● Year Irish Story (An irish history), Théâtre de Belleville , 94, rue du Faubourg – du-Temple (Eleventh). Tel.: 01 48 06 72 34. Hours : of the lun. at the sam. 19 h. Dim to 20: 30. Places : of 11 to 26 €. Term : 1h25. Until the 30 dec.