Kemerovo authorities have decided to raise utility tariffs for two months after the vote on the Constitution

The government of the Kemerovo region has approved the increase in the cost of payment for housing and communal services from 1 September, follows from the decision of the Governor. Earlier it was supposed to raise tariffs from 1 July. So, the more likely rates will rise for the largest cities of region — Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk. Limiting the level of increase of 15%. Almost 8% growth rates in Kaltan and Myski. It clarifies the “Taiga. Info”, decisions of the regional government on increase of tariffs over and above the measures set for the Kuzbass at the Federal level, at 4.9%, agreed with the city Council of Novokuznetsk and Kemerovo. In them the majority of the deputies entering into fraction “an United Russia”. Recall that voting” for amendments to the Constitution will be held on 1 July.

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