The young man who accused Kevin Spacey of having sexually assaulted in a seaside resort near Boston (Massachusetts) in the summer of 2016 filmed part of this act, according to the complaint obtained by AFP. The boy, identified as William Little and 18 years of age at the time of the facts, in the night of 7 to 8 July 2016, told the police to have sent messages via the social network Snapchat, including a video, to his girlfriend, since the bar-restaurant Club Car Nantucket, where he was with the actor.

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Employee for the season in this establishment, he had remained on-site after work this evening to see Kevin Spacey, of which he was a fan. After being present at the star and have claimed to have 23 years of age – must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol in the State of Massachusetts-he started to drink with him, first beer then whisky.

The artist would have then invited the young man to follow him to his home, with other friends. The young man declined, suspecting the actor to want to seduce. But he remained at the restaurant because “he wanted a picture with Spacey, something to Instagram”, according to the complaint.

It is then that the actor would put his hand in the trousers of the young man and touched his sex. William Little has tried to repel it, while exchanging messages with his girlfriend about the assault. As she does not believe, he sent him a video of the actor putting his hand in his pants. Video that the police had obviously found and remontrée the young man, who has confirmed that the images were those of Spacey and him.

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After leaving hurriedly the restaurant on the advice of a woman who had seen “in distress”, the young man returned to work the next day and reported the episode to the owner of the restaurant.

Kevin Spacey has not reacted to the announcement of this indictment. In a video uploaded a few days ago, he resumed his character of Frank Underwood in House of Cards and tries to respond to the accusations of sexual assault that multiply against him since October, 2017. His lawyer has not responded to the demands of the AFP.

The american actor, 59-year-old, two-time oscar winner, must be charged formally in court of the island of Nantucket on 7 January, for “indecent assault and shots on a person over 14 years of age”. There is a risk, if he is convicted, a maximum sentence of five years in prison.