Since the Usual Suspects , the suit accused him sticks to the skin. To the image of his character Verbal Kint in the film, Bryan Singer, Kevin Spacey could come out unscathed from the case in which it is involved. The american actor could in effect avoid trial for sexual assault that hangs in the nose since the first charges against. The unique criminal case against him has taken a serious blow, after his accuser decided not to testify at the bar afraid to incriminate himself.

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The actor, 59-year-old, whose career has imploded since the first charges of sexual assault brought against him in November 2017, was not present at the hearing Monday on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. It is in this popular resort for the jet-setter as the star of the series House of Cards and the film American Beauty is accused of having, in July 2016, put the hand on the sex of a young man of 18-year-old employee in a bar, after drinking.

His indictment for indecent assault and assault in this case came at the end of 2018, after that several other allegations of assaults on young men emerged in the wake of the movement #MeToo. None of the other accusations, the United States and London, has resulted in criminal prosecution for the moment.

The phone of the victim vanished

In the case of Massachusetts, the mobile phone of the accuser is crucial: the accuser has been used to film the alleged assault, and the comment by SMS with his girlfriend of the time and a group of friends. However, on this phone, as the defense wants to be able to examine, has disappeared, confirmed Monday the young man and his parents, all called to testify at the hearing. A police officer said to have returned to the family after having extracted all the data, but acknowledged that he had not asked for a receipt. The family says they had never recovered.

Interviewed at length about what he had done with the phone and messages, the young man assured not to have anything erased. But, be warned that any manipulation of the phone could get him sued, he then invoked the 5th amendment of the u.s. Constitution, which allows a witness to remain silent in order not to risk incriminate himself.

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The young man’s mother, a tv presenter known for the Boston area, Heather Unruh, admitted to the bar you have deleted some images potentially embarrassing of the phone before handing it over to the police. She assured to have nothing erased that is related to the alleged assault. But the lawyer for Kevin Spacey, Alan Jackson, has hinted that the SMS in which the young man – a fan of Kevin Spacey – would have intimated that he was willing-had been removed.

The judge took no action Monday, but the defence has warned that it would seek quickly the abandonment of the prosecution. “The entire case is compromised,” said attorney Alan Jackson. The public prosecutor has not ruled out a surrender, but asked the judge for “a week” to decide.