Kevin Spacey will have to appear before the general court of Massachusetts to answer charges of indecent assault. The actor is suspected of touching a young man in 2016 in a bar. Judge Thomas Barrett had decided on Monday after the actor asked last week, through its lawyers, not to go before the court on 7 January. At this hearing, the actor is expected to be formally charged.

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According to Kevin Spacey and his advice, his presence in court next Monday would not have the consequence that”once the media coverage negative generated by this case.” Juliane Balliro, a lawyer with Spacey, had argued that the coming of the actor would only “strengthen the interest is prejudicial media for business” which might influence the jury. As a result, the actor, who had announced that he would argue not guilty, wished to be exempted from appearing in person before the justice.

In November 2017, Heather Unruh, a former tv presenter of Boston, had explained that Kevin Spacey had been made touching on his teenage son a year earlier, when a chance meeting in the crowded bar of a restaurant on Nantucket.

” Or Kevin Spacey, and his lawyers have not commented on these accusations since then, but the actor has released a video last week in which he appears in the guise of Frank Underwood, his character in the series House of Cards . “I certainly will not pay the price for things that I didn’t do,” he explained, although we do not know explicitly if Kevin Spacey was referring to this case.