KGB said about preventing the assassination of a rival Lukashenka, comparing it with

Employees of the KGB of Belarus stated that the main rival of President Alexander Lukashenko at the elections — the candidate from the United opposition headquarters Svetlana Tikhanovski was going to kill. The assassination prevented, said the head of the KGB Valery Vakulchik.

According to him, the possible “provocations and attempts on the life Tikhanovski” feared in the headquarters. Prior to this, the Ministry of internal Affairs “line of the fight against extremism intercepted the message” that requires the “sacred victim”.

“the Sender is already installed and will soon be arrested,” said Vakulchik. He added that the plans to assassinate the candidate, “immediately reported” Lukashenko, considering the information obtained serious.

Thus, on behalf of the KGB Lukashenko has sent a “120 trained staff” in the civilian protection staff Tikhanovski.

However, supporters of oppositionist say that he has not asked the state to protect it, noted by the media.