Khabarovsk activist

Famous for activity during the Khabarovsk protests Valentin Kashnikov known as “Valentine hat” and Freddie, told the journalists about their detention and about the reasons which pushed him to participate in the actions in the first rows.

on the Eve of Valentine was detained by police but then released. Last week he showed to journalists and participants the Protocol for participation in unauthorized actions and has expressed fears in connection with possible provocations. Unknown to this circulated in the crowd the information that he was ill with tuberculosis and allegedly dangerous to others.

Valentine had said that he actually has TB, but in a closed form — that is, it is not contagious. On Monday, the man showed a document certifying that it is not a danger to others. Valentin also the facts of record, including committed robbery and assault. At the same time, we know that now he stood on the path of correction: the man works, he has a wife and three children.

as for yesterday’s detentions, Valentine wanted to draw the attention of the acting Governor Mikhail Degtyarev. Kvasnikov said that one was in the square threatened him and his children. Degtyarev refused to communicate with him and left. Then Kvasnikov argued with a man who, according to Valentin, and he was threatened. “We spoke with him during the rally. He said: “do Not ruin their children. And mine too“. And then called my home address. How could it know?” — said Monday Valentine.

eventually the police caught him and took him to the station. Claims to law enforcement officers Valentine present did not: “it’s fine — respect the police. Signed the papers, gave explanations, and later I was released. I was even offered tea, no problems”.

as for participation in meetings, Kvasnikov explained that he believes Sergey Furgala honest politician. “See that he is honest people. Orphans he helped with the apartments, I also wanted to reach out to him. I also am an orphan, a disabled person. I wrote many letters asking for assistance. I was given in 2012 in the barracks for five years. When I asked to extend this “rent”, said: “Live until you apart.” But somehow I have to take care of the children,” said Valentine.

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