Khabarovsk: Appointment Degtyarev Governor is Furgala even more angry population

the Kremlin has made a mistake in appointing Mikhail Degtyarev for the post of acting Governor of the Khabarovsk region, said the coordinator of Navalny’s campaign staff in Khabarovsk Alexey Vorsin.

According to him, the officer does not approve the local population and, most likely, will Boo at the first appearance in front of the protesters. “I see a negative reaction from people. For whom they hold us? Who is he? This will add fuel to the fire, the people will become even angrier,” said NAPs in conversation with the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

According to the oppositionist, this reaction is largely due to the questionable biography Degtyarev, the main merit of which lies in proximity to the party elite and the liberal democratic party, in particular, to Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

“I’ve followed his career. He ran for mayor of Moscow. Even if it looks weird. The impression that he did not care to be in the leadership of the capital, another city, or Khabarovsk region. He knows nothing about our region. His professional career was built around the party, with no political and administrative experience there,” — said Alexey Vorsin.

He believes that the Kremlin’s decision is situational and a lack of understanding of the situation in the region and the population. “They probably just thought that in Khabarovsk territory the LDPR popular, you can just put any appointee from the party. This is a misconception. Honestly, I did not expect that the Kremlin is such a stupid move to make. Thought I would get someone from the local team that at least has a relationship to the region”, — said the activist.

Degtyaryov, as reported, promised to analyze the situation in the region to report her to the Kremlin next month. According to the NAP, thus the Federal government distanciruemsa from dialogue with the local population and hopes for the attenuation of the protests.

About permutations in the leadership of the Khabarovsk territory became known on July 20. Vladimir PUtin impeached Governor Sergey Furgala “in connection with loss of trust”. Acting appointed the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Mikhail Degtyarev.

Add the protests in support Furgala continued from July 11. Residents of Khabarovsk and other cities require to judge the Governor, which in the RF IC has been implicated in the killings in 2004-2005, in Khabarovsk with participation of a jury.

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