Khabarovsk came again to rally to the government building

Residents of Khabarovsk already in 12th time going to the rally at the government building in the region.

according to DVHAB.RU participants still need to judge the now former Governor of the region Sergey Furgala in his native land and also call on the acting Governor Mikhail Degtyarev out to him to talk. The walls of the “White house” again gathered hundreds of citizens.

“We are here! This is our land!”

— Headquarters of Navalny in Khabarovsk (@teamnavalnykhv) July 22, 2020

Degtyarev has previously stated that he is ready to talk with the residents, but on their own terms: “throw things” for their sake he is not ready.

“Open to people, but to dictate to me what to do, to leave or not to leave — it won’t. Already overfed pigeons. The fattest pigeons I’ve ever seen,” — said the head of the region.

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