Khabarovsk demanded to punish the son of a billionaire for trying to

Residents of Khabarovsk, which gathered on Tuesday outside the courthouse, arresting prominent participant of the stock with “Fullmobile”, in a conversation with a policeman demanded to release the activist and instead to punish the drivers of three luxury cars, which the day before tried to enter the crowd of disgruntled citizens.

As reported DVHAB.RU on the eve three of the Mercedes almost crashed into a crowd of protesters, provoking a scandal. During the traditional March, when protesters walked on the roadway of the street Muraveva-Amur, the men on the Mercedes tried to pass on a number where there were protesters. No one was hurt, but between them and the protesters got into a conflict. One of the drivers filed documents, according to which his name is Dennis Nekludov. “Probably, the son who died two years ago, billionaire Igor Neklyudov,” suggested the far Eastern journalists. Motorists, according to the publication, expressed obscenely and said, in particular: “We live here, and you exist.”

“Three, “Mercedes”, there were aggressive citizens who attempted to enter the crowd of people, children. There were also two police officers who wanted to handle the situation, but the people who were in the car, it had no impact. They continued to be rude, shout, swear, insult. In General, a lot of nasty things said. Very much bad, — told the correspondent of the edition Vladimir Salimzhanov. In the end, the drivers were forced to leave because the people just moved on along its route.

meanwhile on Tuesday, the protesters, as the online broadcasts, police recalled the incident. Outside the court, where the case of the owner of “Fullmobile” Rostislav Buriak, protesters gathered, and to them there was a police officer who urged citizens to disperse. They refused and demanded to release the beet, but to punish the “millionaire Neklyudova”. Policeisiy responded that “this is being investigated”, however, the participants expressed indignation at the words of the townspeople, among them are the witnesses of the incident with the “Mercedes”, and you’re ready to tell the details about what happened. The police officer declined to answer.

Today, we will remind, inhabitants of Khabarovsk in the 18th again staged a protest March through the city center.