Khabarovsk do not get tired to protest and went out again on the March

In Khabarovsk there is another mass protest.

however, according DVHAB.RU people left the square named after Lenin, but not moved in the tradition of March and went to court where it should be the decision on the administrative case of Rostislav Buryak — the driver of the truck, which the city called “Fullmobile”. Buriak and his car with election campaign posters are often involved in the protests.

Police have charged him with organizing an unsanctioned rally and obstructing traffic (part 6.1 of article 20.2 of the administrative code). The beet was convicted, he could face more severe punishment. In a statement to journalists in court, he said that he considers the arrest in her case almost inevitable. Buryak sure if this is necessary to find a reason for criminal prosecution. Rostislav said that he is ready.

Now the column of protesters moved to the courthouse.

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