Khabarovsk gave advice to the new Governor:

Khabarovsk on Wednesday again to protest against the change of leadership in the region. Protests continue for a second week, and today hundreds of citizens once again came to the building of the Krai government, and then staged a mass March through the center of the city.

As of the broadcast, which led in the Instagram local edition DVHAB.RU the walls of the “White house”, where since yesterday is arrested Sergey Furgala works appointed by the President a member of the liberal democratic party and a native of Samara Mikhail Degtyarev, the citizens chanted: “I, you, he, she. Furgala for the whole country!”; “Putin resign”; “Degtyarev, come out”; “We didn’t want you”; “Go away!”; “A suitcase, a ticket Samara”; “Mishan in the bath”; “We are here”; “Russia, get out, feed the pigeons”; “When we are United, we are invincible” and so on. Also, trying to invite Degtyarev to the conversation, the townspeople offered to buy him ice cream — the day before on the way to a new job officer bought apricot ice cream and was streaming the process of eating a live Instagram.

During today’s procession journalist Khabarovsk media invited citizens to share their impressions of the new head of the region.

“Given his previous background is minimal, well, it’s just a slap in the face,” said one of the protesters. “I am very bitchy woman. He would have heard from me this that I would under white ruchenki in some craters, in a psychiatric hospital. There is nothing here for other people to do. We the people here is very special,” said another Respondent.

In response to the proposal to give Degtyarev, the Council, the citizens said, “If he had behaved more humanely and released, for example, to the citizens, then maybe the situation would be dead”; “Michael, it’s time to go back to where you came from. Best in Samara. Michael, on the dbarely, do something for his native region, and then move to other regions. You’re the Vikings, and call you “no one does.” Therefore: the suitcase, station, Samara”; “we Have the favorite in our region, our region. You are here unnecessary. Rest you definitely will not be here”; “Suitcase. Home. We are not waiting. We don’t need him”; “He let the people come out and say something, just two words will connect. To dump [far] out Jogging”; “not Enough to go to the people and accept the fact that he is with us, that he Furgala. I think he’s just like all the liberal Democrats as the party members Sergey Furgala could do an honest investigation, to conduct it on territory of Khabarovsk Krai, to transfer this case to us.”

Explaining to a reporter why people continue to demand the release of Furgala, one of habarovchanin explained: “He worked for the people, for the people. He is in every house entree was, in every barn looked. He’s in our hearts, in our soul. Give it to us good”.

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