Khabarovsk Governor Furgala kept in the dark about the actions in his support

human rights activists attending in the investigation isolator “people’s” Governor Sergey Furgala not tell him that the inhabitants of the Khabarovsk region come to share in his support. As reported by an employee of the Public oversight Commission (POC) eve Markachev, they “were forbidden (demonstrations — “Rosbalt”) to speak.”

the obshchestvennitsa, Furgal does not know about the action in Khabarovsk because he had the TV doesn’t work, TASS informs.

Markachev noted that the conditions of detention of the official happy. He told the social worker that works in the detention center “friendly staff.”

meanwhile, another member of the PMC, on its social Secretary Alexey Melnikov has informed “Interfax” that Furgal told him about the deteriorating health. In the hands of the Governor of wearing gloves in pandemic coronavirus rash is the result of an allergic reaction.

As reported, the festival fourth day carry out protest actions in defense of the detainee of the Governor. The representative of LDPR Furgala, who ruled the region for two years after defeating the member of “United Russia” Vyacheslav Shport, accused of the contract killings of businessmen.

the head of the edge, contained in a Moscow jail, not guilty.

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