Khabarovsk has demanded trial by jury for accused of murder of the Governor Furgala

Khabarovsk and other Russian residents sign addressed to sit in the Moscow Basmanny court an online petition in support of the Governor Sergey Furgala. They encourage “in any case not to allow an unjust decision” on the case “legally elected” heads of the Khabarovsk territory — “one of the few governors from the opposition party”.

Furgala has been accused of killing 15-year-old, but residents do not believe the result. They emphasize that a high-ranking prisoner to the “hot” support the majority of residents of the Khabarovsk territory.

the Signatories of the petition demand a public trial, and not in Moscow, and in Khabarovsk. “What is happening now is a clear disrespect for the Russian state from Moscow,” say the defenders of the “popular” Governor who was represented at the election of the liberal democratic party.

As a mandatory requirement of the residents put forward the purpose of trial by jury.

Before the trial, according to the channel, replace Furgala the content in jail for a less strict measure. “In support of a bad Governor would not take to the street people in the amount of not less than 50000 (!) people,” the petition reads.

Pskov politician from the opposition Yabloko Lev Shlosberg agree with the opinion of the people that judge Furgala need in his region. “It is obvious that people will not settle for anything less than liberation Furgala and his return to the position before the court decision. And people are not satisfied no other court except the court of assize, and in Khabarovsk, not Moscow,” he wrote in his Telegram channel.

Commenting on the protests in Khabarovsk, which was daily during the week, Schlossberg notes that street there “was released the people, that is power.” However, the “vertical system”, he said, “not ready to retreat, she can not pto Attica” what constitutes an “ultimate impasse” from the point of view of policy.

“the consequences of the actions of the authorities that led to this impasse will affect others next election — not only regional but also Federal,” — predicted the opposition.

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