Khabarovsk is carried out, the second day of a protest rally March

In Khabarovsk is the second in a today’s protest action.

Thousands of residents in the afternoon went to the rally and March, despite the pouring rain, and then some citizens decided to hold another picket in the evening. They again gathered in the square in front of the governments of the region, and then marched through the city centre. Now they hold second rally on the square near the “White house.”

According to official data of the city hall, the shares were 3.5 thousand people, but the protesters themselves believe that people were much more. In a Network there was video surveillance footage depicting the procession – the crowd was gone by this point for nearly 14 minutes.

a solidarity Action with the festival were held in several Russian cities. Now the protest continues in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Is detention.