Khabarovsk is the 13th time gather near the building of the regional government

In the Khabarovsk citizens again began to shrink to the building of the regional government. According to the broadcasts in social networks, citizens are not impressed with the plans of the acting Governor Mikhail Degtyarev to reduce housing prices and to attract to the region additional funds from the government of the Russian Federation. Mini-interview with the authors of the broadcasts of citizens have expressed skepticism about those promises. Also, many still do not believe in managerial talent Degtyarev.

earlier Thursday, the acting Governor said the rejection of direct dialogue with citizens. Responding to a question of journalists, he said: “will Not work”. “In General, here is what to do actually to the head than to go out and communicate with those who shout under the Windows”, — said Degtyarev. “To go to the group of comrades, on demand… It’s disrespectful, neither to me nor to the President, whom the majority of Russians voted no, primarily, to themselves. Those who do not respect themselves,” said the official.

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