the Temporary head of the Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev at the end of August will talk about “intermediate results after an audit of the state of Affairs” in the region to appoint him to this place to President Vladimir Putin. This was announced by the acting — a former state Duma Deputy from the liberal democratic party sent to the region after his arrest in a criminal case for the Governor-elect, his party colleague Sergey Furgala.

“a Month (from the day of the Degtyarev — “Rosbalt”), we will expire on 20 August, here in these numbers going to ask on the reception to the President”, — said the acting Governor told reporters.

He intends not only “to report about the situation in the region” but also to “make proposals on the development” of the region.

Degtyarev noted that by going to his report to Moscow or to report remotely, you will solve Putin.

In Khabarovsk have 21 consecutive days, residents organize many rallies in support of Furgala. The politician, after his arrest, laid-back President from office in connection with loss of trust, says she’s innocent. A criminal case on Sergey Furgala instituted on the fact of what happened in 2004-2005 in the far East of the killings.