The dissemination earlier this year of a documentary accusing R. Kelly of multiple sexual assaults has plunged the interpreter of the tube I Believe I Can Fly in the turmoil. Thursday, he was arrested by the police. The next day, a judge ordered his detention until Tuesday, the date of a new hearing, at which will be debated his possible release on bail.

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Two indictments distinct against R. Kelly were made public Friday, the one emanating from the federal prosecutor in Chicago and the other to its counterpart in Brooklyn. With more than twenty counts in total. R. Kelly would be guilty of having sexual relations with minor girls while he was himself a major – a federal crime under certain conditions, and to have removed, sequestered, threatened, and filmed, without their knowledge, several of the young girls.

According to the indictments, the facts took place in Illinois, Connecticut, California and New York, as well as outside of the american territory – without giving more details. The charges will be served on R. Kelly, Saturday in federal court in Chicago.

young girls between 12 and 14 years old

The office of Richard Donoghue, chief federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, has recommended the continued detention of R. Kelly up to the time of the trial, arguing inter alia of the possibility that it interferes with the justice and seeks to contact potential witnesses during the proceedings. In the years 2000, the manager of R. Kelly, Derrell McDavid, had been indicted for bribery of a witness and destruction of videos that may serve as evidence against the singer.

If some of the allegations made against R. Kelly back to 1996, which had allegedly been committed in California and New York, are dated 2018. The document of the federal prosecutor in Chicago, which includes 13 counts all committed supposedly in Illinois, talks about a young girl of 12 or 13 years,” and another of “13 or 14”. None of the ten alleged victims listed appears under its true identity in the indictments.

“Mr. Kelly was aware of these investigations and this charge is not a surprise,” responded on Twitter the lawyer Steve Greenberg. The singer “eagerly awaits his trial, that the truth emerges and that it is cleared after the attacks without precedent for people acting for personal interests”.

Two decades of accusations

R. Kelly, aged 52 years, is the subject of charges of repeated sexual assault and misuse of a minor for more than two decades, but has so far never been convicted. He had been acquitted in 2008 after a trial linked to video recordings of sexual acts performed with a 14 year-old girl. Some of the charges published Friday in Chicago are related to this girl. According to the survey, R. Kelly and his manager Derrell McDavid would have pushed to produce false testimony about his relationship with the singer, and to conceal several videos in which she appeared. For his part, R. Kelly continues to deny vehemently any guilt. “I have not done this kind of thing. This is not me”, was felt-it in march on CBS News.