Killed in apartment on Kutuzov was 90-year-old associate Professor of Cinematography

Reporters identified the elderly woman found dead in an apartment located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in downtown Moscow.

As reported TASS, the 90-year — old female associate Professor all-Russian Institute of cinematography, IDA Schoor, a music theorist of the arts, author of numerous monographs, VGIK she has taught since 1958.

According to “MK”, investigators do not exclude the version of murder connected with the acquisition of housing pensioner, as IDA Schur lived in a prestigious house # 5/3.

the pensioner’s Body found after the police contacted her friend and said that she did not get in touch within two days. In the end, law enforcement officers found in the apartment of the body with multiple stab wounds in the neck, chest, abdomen, and right thigh. In fact criminal case is already brought.

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