the Identification of the population immunity to coronavirus infection based on formation of antibody — error. Such “seditious” was the conclusion of Swedish experts, writes The Daily Mail.

the researchers analyzed samples from more than 200 people infected, among whom were asymptomatic or with mild disease. Special attention in the course of the study were based on the number of T-lymphocytes, or T cells, which are the main “builders” of immunity to various infections and killers of pathogens.

T-lymphocytes capable of forming a rapid secondary immune response, since they “remember” information about visited in the body of harmful substances — antigens. Through this mechanism, there is a “T-cell immunity”.

the opening of the employees from the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm) is that “T-cell immunity” had 30% of healthy (survivors) of blood donors. This proportion is twice higher than the percentage of people with antibodies to coronavirus. This figure brought researchers to the idea that in assessing the level of herd immunity necessary to give preference to accounting t-cell tests, although the tests for “killer T” — a more time consuming laboratory procedure.

Note that the position of Sweden in relation to the pandemic rather dissident. Its government has not imposed quarantine and isolate themselves citizens “only” recommended. Read more here and here.

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