“But since I tell you that I have nothing to do with your case Kim Basinger!” This phrase dropped during the hearing of one of the suspects arrested by the brigade for the repression of banditry (BRB) in the framework of the steering of Kim Kardashian on the night of October 2 to 3 summarizes this case. The comparison of the monte-en-air of the old school in the face of the icon’s ultimate post-modernism.

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reporter on TF1 (for the magazine “Seven to eight), Julien Dumond became associated with Francis Vignolle, editorial director of RTL, to tell, closer to the facts, this attack is fantastic. They were asked to Grégory Mardon, (sidekick of Charles Berberian) to bring to life on paper these thugs face to the wife of Kanye West. In order to tell all the angles of the case of one who so loves to break the internet. And, in particular, its media overkill with which the police have had to deal both good and bad.

The jewelry from the Kardashian , it is the name of the album, traces of, first, the steering. His organization, the arrival in cycling of the authors of this flight (careful, they wear yellow vests), the threats , the sequestration in the bathroom of the paris hotel in the rue Tronchet in the VIIIe arrondissement, a facility that is as discreet as luxurious, where the star has its habits. An operation carried out by men disguised as police officers and going to bike so, with the loot with a value of nearly 9 million euros. Never in France an individual had been dispossessed of such a price!

Cover the COMIC jewels of the Kardashian, ed Glénat, 152 p., 15 euros. Edition Glénat

How is it in Paris in a full state of emergency post-attacks, the robbers, disguised as police officer (in their yellow vests), have attacked Kim Kardashian? How to 2h30 in the morning and 15 minutes, two of the five robbers, who do not speak a word of English, have managed to infiltrate in the hotel prior to tie up the star, naked under her robe (the details have their importance), before the rob and take flight? The answer is in this album which paints a portrait of the brains of this band of thugs, aged 50 to 70 years. The papys for the most part that jactent as Michel Audiard and Albert Simonin and which are not far from confused twitter and its little blue bird with a blender or other kitchen appliance.

just know that the Kim “thing” is the wife of a famous rapper. That matter, they don’t like the rap. During the preparation of their stroke, that occurs during the Paris Fashion week, one of them asks: “How she makes a living already?” One of the gangsters, the smartest of all, without a doubt, he answers: “I don’t know, it chnaps pussy ( sic )…”

It will take three months for the security forces to confuse them. The time of a survey which is retold here, with details crisp and first-hand information. He must have been able to see the record and get excellent sources to return, as do the authors, the humour of the hearings. Such dialogues do not invent not.

Three months, it is also the time it takes for our thugs to melt the jewelry from the Kardashian before sharing the grisbi. In this saucissonnage top of the range, that is it adevenu’s solitary $ 3-million that Kanye West was offered to the youngest of the Kardashian sisters for their engagement? We still don’t know. Only three of the ten suspects indicted and imprisoned by the judges Nathalie Turquey and Armelle Briand were recognized for their involvement in this robbery, that will probably remain as the most unlikely of the century!