Appointment was taken. The Russian filmmaker and stage director Kirill Serebrennikov and the chinese photographer Ren Hang, also a victim of censorship in her country, had agreed to meet. The first came to discover the existence of the second by the monograph that he devoted in 2016 editions Taschen and there was found a pair. Their meeting was set to February 26, 2016. But the day before that, the young Chinese man, who was suffering from depression since adolescence, over the parapet of his fourteenth floor and throws himself into the void. It was going to be 30 years old. This missed appointment, this meeting canceled, of this dialogue, which will not take place, Serebrennikov has made a room. Outside, the highlight of the 73rd Festival of Avignon.

She opens precisely on a window, only one eye of these apartments cap that were stacked in the middle of the cities of great solitude. We are in Serebrennikov, in the property that serves as a prison, with its shadow, unique …

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