Kirkorov said the injured Marines, calling them people without a sense of humor

the Singer Philip Kirkorov outraged by the threats of the Navy in his address the role of the paratrooper in a humorous video posted to his instagram. According to “360”, the actor said that he is not afraid of these statements.

“I’m in this situation, the artist was invited to work. I performed the work. Someone plays assassins someone- police officers. I’m an actor. I was playing your role. And it’s a travesty not to serve in the airborne forces, and to himself, that to me this role is not” — said Kirkorov.

In his opinion, if someone has any complaints about the content of the video, they should be sent not to him but to his Directors who will remove the video if they deem it necessary.

the Entertainer noticed that an insult to this movie “could perceive only people without a sense of humor.” “All claims not me. At what here I?!” he said.

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May 28, 2020 at 8:32 PDT

the book also said that do not read the news, sitting at home in isolation, and fully engaged in their family. “I heard no threats,” he added.

Recall a video in which a man appears in the role of retired paratrooper has caused ambiguous reaction in the society. The ex-commander of airborne troops Vladimir Shamanov has demanded an apology from the actor. “Paratrooper can offend everyone, but not everyone has time to apologize,” he said.

Also in the Internet appeared the petition with the requirement to deprive Kirkorov ranks of the national actor for the desecration of the airborne.

the indignation was also expressed by zamped the Central Committee of veterans of Afghanistan (RSVA) Vladimir Koshelev, saying that he was ready to deal with the artist “like a man”.

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