Kokorin again will be punished for the love of the parties

Striker Alexander Kokorin, leased club “Sochi” in St. Petersburg “Zenith” has put the love for get-togethers and parties. The athlete at the height of the pandemic had been at a birthday party from a friend and was photographed there with a small company of 10 people.

the residents said that the player will be facing disciplinary action, writes TASS. Kokorin broke the internal rules, said General Director of “Sochi,” Dmitry Rubisco.

In 2016 Kokorin caught in a scandal with his friend midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev. The players staged a party in Monaco club after a disastrous performance of the Russian national team at the European Championships. It was reported that the athletes pulled 250K € 500 bottle of luxury champagne.

In 2019 Kokorin and Mamaev staged two fights in Moscow and received real time. Of a colony of friends was released on PAROLE.

“Zenith” decided not to penalize the attacker, writes “Sports day after day”. However, another striker blue-white-blue – Serdar Asmono sanctions for violation of social distance threatened. He made a picture together with the player “wings of the Soviets” with the Iraqi Savoy Hadi.

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