In the postponed match of the championship of Russia on football “Krasnodar” in his field took “Dynamo”. Guests won with the score 2:0. The first goal in the 26th minute, scored Vyacheslav Grulev. It is worth noting that the 17th minute, the hosts played in the minority, as their goalkeeper Matthew Safonov received a red card for a professional foul. He inadvertently rushed out of the gate. At the 90th second and last goal in the match scored Joãozinho.

Thus, the “Krasnodar” seriously complicates their fight for third place, and with it — for getting into the Champions League qualification next season. In case of victory over “Dynamo”, Krasnodar in the last round, would pretend even to second place, which now remains for “the Locomotive”. The last game of FC Krasnodar in the season will be held at the home stadium against Grozny, “Akhmad”.

Dynamo secured a sixth place, which most likely will allow the team to play in the Europa League next year. Recall that the right team will be given only if the Cup win, Zenit, who have already secured their spots in the Champions League, taking first place in the regular championship. However, even if in the Cup final Zenit will lose to Khimki, it is likely that the team is still not sure whether it will be enough money to play in the Premier League, from the Champions League will follow suit. In this case, the coveted pass to the European arena would also go to the team finishing in sixth place in the standings. That is, the Moscow “Dynamo”.

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