Krasnoyarsk Deputy is suspected of brokering the transfer of bribes

In the Krasnoyarsk city Council Deputy from the Communist party Ivan Azarenka is suspected of brokering the transfer of bribes to the official.

As was reported at RF IC previously in relation to the Deputy head of Department of municipal property and ground relations of administration of Krasnoyarsk Irina Tyurina was prosecuted on five counts of receiving a bribe. Now installed another episode of the same article. Thus, according to the investigation, intermediary in transfer of bribes was the Deputy of Krasnoyarsk city Council Ivan Azarenka. He was detained, and home and office were raided.

According to preliminary investigation, in June last year, Tyurina received from an unidentified representative of open company “the CRONE” through intermediaries Ivan Azarenka and two residents of the Krasnoyarsk parts of the bribe in cash for a total amount of 3 million rubles. For the money the clerk had to ensure the victory of the company “CROWN” in the auction for the right to conclude a lease agreement of five residential buildings and conclude the corresponding contract with the Department.

the Investigators intend to ask the court to put Azarenka into custody.

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