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Kuchma left the contact group on Donbass

Kuchma left the contact group on Donbass

the Ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma will no longer represent the Ukrainian side at the talks on the settlement in Donbass.

As reported by the Office of the President of Ukraine, Kuchma has completed its work in the trilateral contact group, but is willing in the future to share experiences and provide advice.

the Head of state Vladimir Zelensky Kuchma expressed appreciation for the work, calling it extremely important and also complicated.

“Thank you for all the effort you made to unlock the Minsk process to achieve peace. Your experience was most important and extremely necessary. Always ready to hear your advice in the future,” he said.

Recall the last time Kuchma was represented by the delegation of Ukraine last week, when a document was signed ceasefire in the Donbass.

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