the Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin considers the dominance of large state institutions one of the main risks on the Russian financial market. Such opinion he expressed today in the Federation Council.

As suggested by the head of the control Department, “stability in the financial sector is very risky, many risks”. “One of the reasons for our low ranking is the dominance of large state institutions”, — quotes RIA “news” Kudrin.

He also warned that the risk for the currencies of developing markets threatens to increase the U.S. debt. “US debt since the beginning of the year increased from 108% to 123% of GDP. For the US, it is not yet critical, but if the trend is not significantly changed, then it will be critical for the dollar and for the world market”, — said the head of the accounts chamber.

earlier, financial holding company Janus Henderson did not rule out that companies all over the world in 2020 can increase corporate debt to $1 trillion because of the need to strengthen its financial position in connection with the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.

As pointed out by the representative of the company, this year the priority task of business will be to preserve capital and strengthen the balance sheet. Analysis for a new index of corporate bonds has been prepared on the basis of the study data 900 of the world leading companies.

According to analysts, the total global corporate debt in 2020 will grow by 12% and will make about $9.3 trillion. Last year, corporate debt increased by 8%.

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