Kuraev about the abbess with Mercedes for 10 million rubles: In hell you have to go with comfort

Archdeacon Andrei Kuraev commented on the information media about the fact that the abbess of the Pokrovsky convent in Moscow of the Abbot of the Theophany found Mercedes-Benz S-class for 10 million rubles.

In his LiveJournal, he spoke about the newly born son of a priest who served at Theophany. According to Kuraev, the child needed surgery, and the priest asked the Theophany money, but was refused.

“the Hegumeness Feofania, so loving, “Mercedes”, not quite an outsider in the death of tiny Bones,” wrote Kuraev, adding: “Roll, mother roll. Hell have to go with comfort.”

the media had reported that the abbess of the Pokrovsky convent in Moscow and head of hotels, the ROC acquired the Mercedes-Benz S-class, which costs nearly 10 million. The journalists also found the abbess Theophany in the ownership of the apartment for 16 million rubles.

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